Friday, October 19, 2012

Dreams never end

Several readers told us that they were seeing New Order tonight (now over) or tomorrow at the Roseland Ballroom ... which is the perfect excuse once again to post all this ... New Order played the Ukrainian National Home on Second Avenue (between Ninth and St. Mark's) on Nov. 19 1981.

And here is a video of the entire show via our friend Karate Boogaloo at Stupefaction.


Hey19 said...

great clip, surprisingly good audio.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Is this from 1981?
I just had food there yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I woulda gone but $74 for a show? Come on!

Anonymous said...

Superb. The band at the height of their intensity and the birth of a new sound. Fascinating that the first NYC gig was the Ukrainian club, with Shevchenko's portrait looming over the band.

- East Village Slav