Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exclusive: The Bowery to receive its first Monimax 4000W wall mount ATM

You may have seen this hanging on the Bowery near East Fourth Street.

This. Not the headless mannequins.

EV Grieve has learned exclusively that this will soon be a real live Monimax 4000W wall mount ATM. As you probably know, the Monimax 4000W wall mount offers unprecedented deployment flexibility while supporting a robust set of traditional ATM service offerings. It is ideal for sites where real estate is at a premium, such as on the Bowery. According to Nautilus Hyosung officials, the makers of the Monimax 4000W, "the Monimax 4000W delivers total cost of ownership results in a reliable, secure platform."


And now you will be the first to know how to use the Monimax 4000W with this almost interactive chart.

Please note that Cincinnati Bengals fans from Phebe's will be charged a $10 service fee during game days.

Top photos by Bobby Williams. ATM blather via the Nautilus Hyosung website.


Anonymous said...

Report them to 311. ATM's aren't allowed to protrude onto the sidewalk at all.

Marty Wombacher said...

Does anyone but me notice that the right-hand side of this thing is an upside down Cardboard Box Man Mutation? I didn't think so. As you were.

randall said...

Ha. Do you think 311 will give a $hit?

Money Rules!!!