Friday, October 5, 2012

Places where I never watched a baseball game in 2012

Veselka Bowery.

Had always planned to watch a game here during the regular season, which ended Wednesday night for the Yankees. I often saw the chalkboard sign noting the game time. And there are several flat-screen TVs at the bar.

I was going to do a post on watching a game at a seemingly unusual place. The thought of doing this at Second Avenue and East Ninth Street would be very strange.

But I suppose the Bowery branch is trying to build a bar crowd, tap into the increasingly sports-minded neighborhood. The things that you have to do to survive.

Anyway, guess I can go for a playoff game...


Anonymous said...

My wife and I stopped in here to have brunch a few months ago. It was a Sunday morning and we were the only two people in the entire bar/restaurant. The bartender put on the World Cup soccer and turned the volume way up. We politely asked the (very young) waitress if it could be turned down, and she asked the guy behind the bar to do just that. He got visibly upset and turned it down just a little bit. Once again, no one else in the place, and they had music playing as well. So here it is, a Sunday morning and we're competing for conversation with ambient music and loud soccer on the bar's TV. I asked the bartender myself to turn it down, and he essentially told me no. So we left and had brunch upstairs at Whole Foods, a place I highly recommend during that time of day. Haven't been back to Veselka on Bowery since. Who on earth would watch sports in that space anyway? It's got zero atmosphere for that sort of thing. With these a-hole employees occupying the East Village: Vote with your wallet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this Veselka is awful AND over-priced. And it shows - always empty. What a wasted opportunity.