Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Jesus

We'll have some more details about last night's CB3/SLA meeting tomorrow some day... one quick highlight. As you may recall, CB3 OK'd a wine-beer license for Jane's Sweet Buns on St. Mark's Place last fall. At the time, owner Ravi DeRossi assured the skeptics about the concept of a bakery serving alcohol. All just to pair wine with the buns and desserts.

"It was never intended to be a bar," he said of Jane's, according to coverage in The Local last October. "It's completely innocuous and an asset to the community."

In June, Jane's closed, and Proletariat took over the whole space as a bar.

All this was apparently news to CB3, who reportedly never received any notification about the new bar. Last night, Team Proletariat went before the committee with the alteration request.

And now Grub Street picks up the action:

After committee chair Alexandra Militano called the shift in business a "ruse," the board unanimously voted to deny Proletariat's request for an alteration to lengthen its bar. Before the vote, committee member David McWater told the crowd, "I wouldn't vote for this alteration if Baby Jesus came down here."


Anonymous said...

Very very thin on the details (I know re-reporting @grub st) Really would like to know what happens next. If this place can't be shut down, there is nothing to stop anyone from opening ANY non-bar establishment and then (oops) it "magically" ends up transforming into a bar.
CB 3 really dropped the ball on this one from the very start. What a shock! (:sarc:)

EV Grieve said...

@ anon

This is from Eater today:

The board said they felt "duped" for approving the bakery-wine bar last November. In June, the establishment switched over to a bar and lengthened its 8-foot bar to 32 feet without notifying the community board. "You used an innocent group of women as a Trojan horse to get a license in a saturated area," board member David Conn said. Bookkeeper Shaun McNatt remarked that they changed over the business when the bakery failed. They now serve bar snack foods, beer, and sandwiches. The address currently has a tavern wine license for the trade name "Proletariat," but the shop's future is uncertain after the its license expires on Dec. 31.

Jill said...

Seems to me the SLA dropped the ball as they are supposed to monitor their licensed establishments and not allow people to operate outside the regulations of their license. Changes to the physical bar are not supposed to happen until an alteration is approved. Unless I am completely misinformed about the rules I cannot fathom why this wasn't remedied when both cb3 and the SLA were notified about the situation. I would really like to understand why this is allowed to happen, and if nobody cares, why bother with licensing at all?

blue glass said...

nobody care about anything but money and the most money to be made these days is in liquor (and fines).
residents have complained about the lack of oversight and the rapidly increasing number of bars opening here.
sadly nothing much is going to happen until residents stop complaining about one bar/block at the time and organize. elected officials will not help much until they see a real threat from potential voters.
the community board blames the state SLA and the community itself while the state sla just ignores everyone except the squeaky wheel.
and what fool made a ruling that wine and/or beer are not alcohol and that the 500' foot rule does not apply to them?

Gojira said...

No worries, folks, the state SLA will approve it, because they never met a liquor license fee they didn't like.

Mike N said...

An actual bar with only a beer/wine license?

Mmmmm .. Sweet Buns said...

To post a complaint to the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA):


Try it, it's fun!

Uncle Waltie said...

I think we need more bars in the EV. But they all must have beautiful bathrooms...accessible to any resident in need. What do you say, Blue Glass? The other night I almost had a mishap...but thanks to The Kabin I maintained my dignity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Grieve.
Jill, Your question / comment is spot-on.

glamma said...

this is f*cking bullsh*t what those slimy bakery people pulled on the CB3 and the hood. CB3 should never have fallen for such a transparent shenanigan, but now that we're here, it's time to shut this sh*t down and send the message LOUD AND CLEAR that this kind of slimeball maneuvering will NOT be tolerated in the east village. St. Marks is ENTIRELY oversaturated and the total dominance of bars and their patrons there has totally destroyed every bit of charm that this important thoroughfare maintained for centuries.

This place is going down.
Thanks grieve as always for the excellent reporting.

Anonymous said...

Proletariat does *not* serve any food at all. I went in there a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity (and hunger) and asked. Definitely no food, and not sure there was even wine.

Anonymous said...

The 500 foot rule does not apply to beer / wine, only fill liquor.

bowery boy said...

I was fortunate enough to still be at the cb3/sla meeting when this one came up. It was funny. Interesting to see the most ardent pro-bar members vote against these guys. You really must have screwed up when they vote you down. And the district manager seemed esp' pissed that she had been duped. This one was actually better than all the 106 Rivington hoopla.

Spike said...

This is going to give a bad name to all the beer and wine bakeries across the city!

Anonymous said...

@ Spike
HA HA HA!!! Funny!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah when you first reported that a bakery wanted to sell beer and wine, most of us were suspicious. That was a real slimy move that they pulled and I hope they have to dismantle the 32 foot bar and get denied and fined for every week they operated without permission just for pulling a dick move like that.

Shawn Chittle said...

Dear CB3/SLA:

Sorry you were duped. And thanks for denying this. However, I still feel strongly that you haven't recognized this simple fact:

We're at war. The other side, the nightlife/bar/liquor people are terrorists fighting guerrilla warfare. They will try to win by any means necessary.

Please keep this in mind.

Thank you,
Shawn Chittle
Local resident