Thursday, October 3, 2013

More details on Root & Bone, opening at the former Mama's Food Shop on E. 3rd St.

[April 2013]

As we first reported on Tuesday, "Top Chef" alum Jeff McInnis was coming to open a restaurant called Root & Bone at the former Mama's Food Shop and Heart N' Soul on East Third Street and Avenue B.

Food & Wine had more details on all this yesterday. New "Top Chef" contestant Janine Booth is joining McInnis for this venture, slated to open in January.

Per F&W:

[T]he new spot will celebrate Southern foodways through dishes like caramelized brisket meat loaf with smoky plantain crème, sunchoke and house-made ricotta “tater tots” and Carolina Gold rice risotto with butter beans and pickled egg yolk.

Let's hope that they fare better than "Top Chef" alum Nikki Cascone, who opened and closed Octavia's Porch within six months right around the corner on Avenue B.

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Makeout said...

"Foodways" "Colorways" STFU already.

Anonymous said...

But will they have fried chicken??

Anonymous said...


The Philosophical Zombie said...

Anything is better than greasy food Mama's, even pretentious crap. The interior was cool, but the food - uck!