Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New residential complex at former Mary Help of Christians lot may include rooftop swimming pool

Details are emerging about the residential complex slated to take the place of the former Mary Help of Christians complex that developer Douglas Steiner bought last fall for $41 million.

Plans filed yesterday with the city show that the proposed new building will stand 7 stories with 158 residential units. In total, the complex will be 164,720 square feet. (The building's address will be 438 E. 12th St., not 181 Avenue A as we originally thought.)

Here's more information (PDF) via the CB3 website:

The Project will contain 22 affordable units that will be designated as Inclusionary Housing units under HPD’s Inclusionary Housing Program. These 22 Inclusionary Housing units will consist of 4 studios, 14 one-bedroom units, and 4 two-bedroom units.

CB3's Land Use, Zoning, Public & Private Housing Committee will hear more about the Inclusionary Housing proposal during a meeting on Nov. 13.

Also, via the CB3 website:

The seven (7) story building will be "U" shaped, with interior units facing onto a landscaped courtyard. The building’s façade will be primarily comprised of brick, with metal panel at the penthouse setback level and storefront at the ground floor retail. The building will have residential apartments on all floors, including garden apartments on the cellar level. The first floor apartments will be elevated approximately 3’ above grade, and will be accessible not only by stairs but also by a rear-opening elevator. Approximately 10,000 square feet at the first floor and 8,000 square feet in the cellar are reserved for retail use. To enliven the courtyard façade and offer outdoor space, twenty-five (25) of the courtyard units will have balconies, five (5) of which will be IH Units.

The entrance to the building will be on East 12th Street, and the building will be staffed 24 hours a day by a concierge. Loading and move-ins will take place through a service corridor and entrance on Avenue A. Resident amenities will be housed in the cellar, opening to a landscaped courtyard, and on the top roof of the building. The amenities program is currently contemplated to include a fitness center and lounge in the cellar, as well as a swimming pool and landscaped deck on the roof. Access to these amenities will be fee-based. The fee will be reduced for the residents of the IH Units.

Find the renderings on this EVG post.

Last summer, workers demolished the structures on the Mary Help of Christians lot on Avenue A between East 12th Street and East 11th Street.

Photos by Bobby Williams.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. do you think those who will live in the "affordable" apartments will be allowed access to the pool? Will they have a separate entrance to the building as those in another building in the area (can't remember which one that was but I think it was at Cooper Square).

rob said...

Anyone know whether Steiner took the IZ zoning bonus? He's applying for the 421a tax break, but the bonus would add additional units above the base zoning and those affordable units would be permanently affordable. 421a affordability lasts only a few decades.

uncle Pete said...

reading comprehension owns you- "Access to these amenities will be fee-based. The fee will be reduced for the residents of the IH Units."

patrick10009 said...

Great! They can use the pool for baptis...

Oh wait. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

uncle Pete - ok, so I missed that bit but you don't have to be a meany pants about it!! :(

Gojira said...

Will the pool be filled with holy water, in a nod to the former use of the site?