Monday, October 21, 2013

That's a lot of kale! Thieves take Whole Foods Bowery for 26K, cops say

Three Whole Food Bowery employees transporting $26,000 in a grocery cart to a second-floor office were robbed at gunpoint last night, the Post is reporting.

Per the paper:

A store worker said that the robbery may have been an inside job, noting that a coworker saw the perps leave through the receiving door.

“They ran from the receiving door which no one outside the store knows about,” the worker said. “They know parts of the store that we only know.”

He also said that his co-worker claimed to see one of the men casing the store a few weeks ago wearing the same “dreadlocks and bad, fake beard.”

Updated 10:22
The NYPD is now saying that the thieves got away with $60,000.

File photo of three women posing with the Whole Foods Bowery pickle bar sign.


Anonymous said...

They were Hassidic?

Anonymous said...

Definitely an inside job! I'm glad no one was hurt but wow, must have been terrifying.

Glenn Belverio said...

$60,000 is the average monthly spend on groceries by most of their shoppers. Those heirloom kumquats and organic ostrich eggs add up.