Thursday, October 31, 2013

Village Joker turns itself into Augurs Well on St. Mark's Place

[Via Instagram]

Since opening two years ago, the bar-restaurant at 115 St. Mark's Place has gone through several identify changes ... from the Burger Shop ... to the Village Joker. And now the bar has transformed itself into Augurs Well.

We asked Queens native Gregory Nardello, who opened the space with his father, about the change.

"I just decided to switch up the name. We have been zoning in more and more on the craft beer side of things," he said. "[There are] also a couple of small interior makeovers, and I'm working hard on some new menu ideas. Hopefully everything works out for the best."


Anonymous said...

I like Mr. Nardello's low-key, humble attitude, and that he is opening the space with his father. And that he's from Queens. This all augurs well for him (ho ho).

Seriously though, a lot of the johnny-come-latelys around here could take a page from Nardello's book. You don't need a gimmick or a bar name that mocks substance abuse or to make $15 artisanal bacon cocktails. Just provide a nice service and don't be a jerkstore. It's really not so hard.

Good luck, sir.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

J. said...

I concur. I'll also take this opportunity to sing praise about their burgers. They are made-to-order, fresh, juicy, simple, unpretentious, and affordable as hell. I enjoy stopping by for a couple happy hour beers and a burger every now and then.