Friday, February 10, 2017

A visit to Uogashi on 1st Avenue

Uogashi opened on First Avenue between 11th Street and 12th Street back on Dec. 1.

We hadn't heard much about the place. This past week, though, Robert Sietsema checked in with a solid review over at Eater.

An excerpt:

Located in the East Village, Uogashi concentrates almost solely on sushi. Its parent organization, according to the greeter one evening, owns a fish wholesaler and several stand-up sushi counters in Tokyo, which explains how the prices at Uogashi can be so low. Sushi assortments run $38 and $45 for nine pieces of nigiri sushi, soup, salad, and a hand roll, or $75 for a more elaborate omakase.


I’ve eaten there twice, and sampled all three sushi assortments, and the fish and crustaceans are pristine. The $45 Uogashi sushi begins with a tiny salad in a clear glass bowl and progresses to a miso soup bobbing with slender enoki mushrooms. The sushi course came on a single plate on a banana leaf, and the highlights recently were medium fatty tuna, Japanese sea scallop, and river eel, served warm and burnished in the usual way with sweet soy sauce.

You can check out the restaurant's website and menu here.

The space here previously housed Oyama, and whatever came after that.

Image via Yelp


Gojira said...

Yeah, Robert, maybe those prices are "so low" if you yourself aren't actually paying them, but have your meals paid for by your employer. In my case, for good cheap sushi I hit M&J on 14th and B. No banana leaves, just big pieces of fish and REAL low prices, and I don't need an expense account to eat there.

Anonymous said...

You go Gojira. I wont be trying this place till someone else whips out their credit card to pay.

Anonymous said...

Oyama was on the money. Cheap pints of Sapporo draft, too.

Anonymous said...

Beronberon is a good affordable sushi spot and it's right under your nose. 1st ave at 10th.

Brian said...

Best sushi for value is still Hasaki on 9th

Anonymous said...

$38 isn't cheap, although most places only give you 7 or 8 pieces and not both soup & salad. If find Kumo a happy compromise in terms of quality & price.

Anonymous said...

"so low" - not even close.

Carol from E. 5th Street said...

I really miss Sushi Park. I used to get take out from there every Thursday night. 6 pieces of sushi and a roll for under $20.

Anonymous said...

I like Hasaki and think it's still a great, great deal for nice Japanese food. However, IMO, the best inexpensive place in the neighborhood is still, after all these years, Takahashi. You can still put together a nice meal at Takahashi for less than $20 and eat like a king for $25. Yes, it's the same as it was twenty years ago just a bit more consistent and relatively cheaper since the prices everywhere else have gone up more. (And Takahashi Bakery in Tribeca is just as lovely as Panya. Both are fantastic bakeries.)