Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Full views of the zinc-clad 347 Bowery

Workers have removed the construction netting from the Annabelle Selldorf-designed 347 Bowery ... allowing for full views of the 13-story luxury building with the zinc panels at Third Street ...

As previously noted, the building will feature five stacked town homes: "The four duplex units and penthouse triplex each have a central spiraling staircase and suspended catwalk which overlooks the main living space and provides a separation between the master and secondary bedrooms."

According to Streeteasy, two of the units are in contract with three left for sale.

The homes will sit atop a two-story commercial base.

No. 347 was previously the Salvation Army's East Village Residence.

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347 Bowery getting its zinc supplements


Anonymous said...

What a visually messy corner.

Gojira said...

Oh goodie, yet another horrorshow. Pretty soon my head will be spinning like Linda Blair's in The Exorcist, vainly looking for a chunk of sky undefiled by what are essentially cheesy-looking phalli.

cmarrtyy said...

Dull. Boring. Badly placed on the lot. There's only one setback building that works in the city - Lever House.


From the street, it looks like the covered it with exterior foam insulation and called it a day.

Anonymous said...

How did soulless gray become the "in" color for boring developments. Old post office on 14th, crap "dorms" on B and 12th, and this endeavor that could have made a mark.. has fallen very very short. I hate it to say it, but boringness like this makes that jewish guy from westchester's building on 12th and A look better and better.

Pinch said...

I'm not an architect but I strongly recommended some type of railings on those balconies.

Anonymous said...


Joey Blau said...

Pinch... nah.. makes life exciting in the city! Much better views, and more wind!