Thursday, February 2, 2017

Barber shop cuts into 9th Street storefront

A barber shop has opened on Ninth Street just east of Second Avenue.

For now, Famous Cutz is having a $15 haircut special...

Ambica, a handcrafted jewelry shop, was previously in the storefront at No. 305.

Thanks to Steven for the photos


Tom Stir said...

This a great deal two brothers Who have over 15 years experience
opening their own shop in the neighborhood nice guys too!!
check them out wish them well and get a cut for a bargain price!!

Anonymous said...

Having lived on this block for 14 years, I've seen so many transformations and trends... the latest being the influx of hair salons. Most seem busy. But you gotta wonder how they're going to pay the rent with just 2 chairs at $15 or even $25 a head. I'll definitely give them a shot and wish them well.

Anonymous said...

This place is superb. I dropped into the shop Saturday morning and walked out with a top notch cut. The fella who cut my hair was skilled and efficient. Seriously, best cut I've had in a long time. All the best to these guys.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't there more barbers who cut hair at client's homes?

My mom gets her hair done by a top-notch stylist at home every six weeks.

I would not only pay for someone to cut my hair in the privacy and convenience of my home, but I'd even buy my own scissors, Oster 76 razor with clips, straight razor for the sides and neck, rubbing alcohol, shaving cream, hair umbrella, and mirror for the barber to use.