Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Going with the flow on St. Mark's Place

[Photo Sunday by Derek Berg]

This past weekend this commissioned calligraffiti arrived outside David's Cafe on St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue ... via Rodolphe Lsg (@moi_ny)


Anonymous said...

Most art movements evolve or become outdate as time goes by example abstract expressionism being replaced by pop art which was replace by such movements like conceptual, minimalists and earth works. Going on 40 plus years graphite of this kind is still with us although the pioneers which never received the financial benefits (unless you consider Haring and Scarff street artist).

My point is haven't we seen this all before?

Giovanni said...

Nice Wildstyle. Fresh!

JQ LLC said...

It's competent, but bland. Like most real estate funded and city permitted graffiti.

Sorry Dave, a homage is never going to replace genuine tagging

Anonymous said...

agree with 2:44; wish I had those skills!

Anonymous said...

Everything old is new again on this miserable lump of shit called Earth.