Thursday, February 16, 2017

Local businesses close their doors today in support of 'A Day Without Immigrants'

Businesses in cities across the country are closing today as part of the "A Day Without Immigrants" strike

As CNN reported, this is "a national grassroots movement seeking to protest President Trump's immigration reforms and highlight the contributions of the immigrant community in the United States."

La Sirena, the Mexican folk-art shop on Third Street, will be taking part today by remaining closed...

A number of NYC restaurants will close today in support of the movement, including most in the Blue Ribbon family. However, their East Village fried-chicken outlet will remain open.

Please let me know of any other local businesses taking part...

Updated 1:30 p.m.

Thanks to the commenter for this tip... the Westville restaurants, including on Avenue A and 11th Street, are closed...

Updated 3:30 p.m.

Hecho en Dumbo is closed on the Bowery today...


Anonymous said...

Sucks that this is even a discussion in 2017. We as a country seem to be going backwards in our perception of reality. The people who are afraid of immigrants are the ones who don't understand because they don't live and work among them. And now, those people have the white house. Oh well, we'll get em back in 2020.

Anonymous said...

All westville locations are closed

Anonymous said...

Wondering - are the places that close, ill they give the immigrant worker or all employees
the day with pay ?
Otherwise, it's a protest with a days wages lost.

Anonymous said...

Thank you EV Grieve for keeping us on the up and up
Even before DT my wish/dream has been that all undocumented immigrants could disappear for a week, the country would fall apart and people would welcome them back with open arms, apologize, create a working immigration system and all could live here without fear.
The worst of it all is kids go to school not knowing if their parents will be there to pick them up or could have been picked up & deported.
Who is creating terror, criminals, destroying lives.........
Paz y Luz to all

Giovanni said...

Also closed in the EV and LES: Miss Lily's, La Sirena, La Contenta, Sushi Izakaya, Rosie's, 7 Blue Ribbon restauants inclusidng Blue Ribon Fried Chcken on 1st St.& 2nd Ave. Lets all support these restauants. Without immigrants we don;t have a country.

Here's a fuller list from

51st Bakery and Cafe in Long Island City said it will be closed.

Blue Ribbon said it will close several of its restaurants, including Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Brooklyn, Sushi, Sushi Bar & Grill, Sushi Izakaya, Hi-Bar and Downing Street Bar.

Dough Doughnuts' locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be closed.

Eataly said it would remain open but apologized for delays and said it supports employees participating in the strike.

Frankies Spuntino 457 and Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens will both be closed.

Hecho en Dumbo in Dumbo is closed.

Jin Ramen's Harlem and Upper West Side locations will be closed.

La Contenta on the Lower East Side said it will be closed.

La Sirena in the East Village said it will be closed.

Land Thai Kitchen on the Upper West Side said it will be closed.

Miss Lily's is closing both of its Manhattan locations.

Olea in Fort Greene is closed.

Pequeña in Fort Greene is closed.

PIO Bagels in Downtown Brooklyn is closed.

Purbird in Park Slope is closed.

PURE Thai Cookhouse in Hell’s Kitchen said it will be closed.

Rosie's on the Lower East Side is closed.

Silver Moon Bakery on the Upper West Side is closed.

White Tiger in Prospect Heights is closed.

Anonymous said...

As much as I support this idea I'm not sure small businesses should take the brunt of this strike. I think a more effective strike would involve not shopping with Amazon, large box stores the kind of companies which back Republican politicians and the that support hateful and discriminatory laws.

Anonymous said...

I am all for legal immigrants, not for undocumented illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

This sort of protest, at least as stated here, oversimplifies the issue. It is possible to be pro-immigration and against illegal immigration.

We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. The point is to foster legal immigration, and to reform laws where these are unjust or ineffective.

Anonymous said...


Then vote with your pocket book. Stop eating fresh produce and staying at high end hotels (*Trumpcough*) and going to restaurants and (many) bars. Stop living in buildings built or repaired by illegal immigrant workers (which in many parts of the country, almost all of them). Punish the employers that hire illegal immigrants.

Or if you are unwilling to do that, maybe stop complaining about it.

There are over one million less illegal immigrants in this country than there were 10 years ago. The "problem" is solving itself.

Anonymous said...

"I am all for legal immigrants, not for undocumented illegal immigrants."

I guess you don't shop for produce at all, do you? Let me also entertain a guess you know nothing of the history of Gotham, The Gangs Of New York, The Five Points, The Draft riots, The Know-Nothing Party, etc. Typical Breitbart/Bannon response, nice to see you have your Alt Right talking point down.

Anonymous said...

"Let me also entertain a guess you know nothing of the history of Gotham, The Gangs Of New York, The Five Points, The Draft riots, The Know-Nothing Party, etc. Typical Breitbart/Bannon response, nice to see you have your Alt Right talking point down."

What was the point you were trying to make there by rattling off that list? Kudos for having read about such things but gaining little understanding.

Gangs of New York = Thieves, pimps, murderers. Five Points = Notorious, filthy, dangerous disease breeding slum. Draft riots included lynchings of several African Americans and the torching of an asylum for African American Orphans.

Should have just stuck with "Know-Nothings", which is more germane, and called it a day...

Anonymous said...

Mic drop.