Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lottery open for below-market rate apartments in Stuy Town

The Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village affordable housing lottery is underway ...again.

Property owner Blackstone said that potential renters who missed out on a unit last year (15,000 reportedly applied) could try again now through March 10.

Here's Town & Village with more:

This reopening is specifically for applicants in the higher-income bracket for one and two-bedroom apartments since those are the unit sizes that are most common throughout the property. However, the original waiting list is still active for unit types not included in the current lottery as well as one and two-bedrooms.


An ad promoting the lottery that’s running in four newspapers this week, including Town & Village, states that the rent for a one-bedroom would go for $2,805 for one person earning $84,150-$104,775 or for two people earning $84,150-119,625. A two-bedroom would go for $3,366 for a 2-4 person household earning a minimum of $100,980 to a maximum of $119,625 for two people, $134,640 for three people and $149,490 for four people.

By contrast, market rent in Stuyvesant Town starts at $3,200 for one-bedroom units and at $3,900 for two-bedroom units.

Town & Village interviewed several people about the process. (Read that article here.) Here's one person, who entered the lottery last year, expressing frustration about the experience.

“The city was proud to announce that 5,000 units at Stuy Town would remain affordable, and they claimed that Stuy Town would remain a place to live for low to middle-income New Yorkers like nurses, teachers,” he said. “However, 90 percent of these affordable units are being awarded to those making no less than $84,150 a year. I don’t know any teachers or nurses who make that kind of a salary.”

You can apply online here.


Anonymous said...

In some of these income parameters after tax people are still spending nearly 50% of their income on rent. I guess with social security on its way out we should all work until we drop and why be saving anyway..

Cosmo said...

How is $2805 for a one bedroom affordable?

Anonymous said...

This is just wrong. Making $100K and needing affordable housing. It costs $3200 rent for a one bedroom to rent there? Really?

Anonymous said...

The income brackets are laughable given the rents and the "low cost" label compared to the regular rents is equally laughable.

Gojira said...

Whereas, had the city not allowed Met Life to sell this giant development in the first place, the vast majority of the complex would have continued to be REAL affordable housing, that could have served families and the middle class, instead of turning into a multi-building dorm/frat house. (But somehow it's only the people in HDFCs who are attracting those losers to the EV, right?) This current iteration is just laughable.

Sarah said...

Yes, people renting these "affordable" apartments would basically ALL be rent-burdened by the official definition, even with the relatively high salaries.

I think they actually burned through the entire middle-income list already (it was supposed to take two years) and couldn't get enough takers, so that's why they had to reopen the lottery.

Anonymous said...

This is the major's idea of providing "affordable housing"? De Blasio is a joke. The only good thing about high income programs like this is maybe the yearly rent increases are controlled by the City.

$3200 will probably get you a tiny Kushner or Icon closet but once the lease is up; how much will they raise the rent? Let's face it; this city really is not intended to be a place to live anymore.

Capitalist Swine out of control!!!


You couldn't PAY me to live in this shitty apartment complex again.

Anonymous said...

I know several nurses that make more than $84K.

Teachers, on the other hand, nope. But two married teachers would fit into that area.

Anonymous said...

Most NYers make in the $30,000 - 50,000 range. Unless they've already been driven out.
What a joke. If you arent above that? You simply dont exist. You're erased from notice- that is how its dealt with.
Recently phone BP Gale Brewer office for help w/ landlord who wouldnt send lease renewal- the community liaison sided w/ the landlord! His being late didnt concern her. But if WE are late? Eviction.
Blasio, Cuomo the whole cartel, inc has got to have their rear ends kicked out asap.