Tuesday, February 14, 2017


[Photo in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg]

Streeteasy teamed up with Hinge, the relationship app, for a Valentine's Day survey about dating in NYC.

Here are a few places in which the East Village rated...

Residents of Murray Hill, Gramercy Park and the East Village in Manhattan are the most prone to conversation after connecting with someone on Hinge. However, it’s difficult to say whether these conversations will lead anywhere. After all, the goal of dating on an app – much like the goal of apartment hunting – is to eventually meet in person.


And the 5 most-popular neighborhoods in Manhattan for dating:
1. West Village
2. Murray Hill
3. Flatiron
4. East Village
5. Chelsea


Anonymous said...

LOL. Murray Hill.

Gojira said...

Jesus, how did people meet before apps? Have we really just handed all power over our lives to social media and technological devices?

Anonymous said...

Me personally, it's always been random. When I look for someone, I never find her. When I don't, I find someone.

What bums me out is I know three women I would marry in a heartbeat if they weren't taken, too old to have children (because I want children), or both.