Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Report: Anyway Cafe robbed at knifepoint

A knife-wielding man made off with a bag of cash during a noon-time robbery Monday at the Anyway Cafe on Second Street at Second Avenue, the Post reported.

Per the Post:

A thief seemed to know what he was looking for when he entered an East Village restaurant and demanded at knife-point that a worker give him “the money from the bottom,” police said Tuesday.

The crook entered the Anyway Cafe ... and barked his demands at a female employee.

When she walked behind the bar, the man got more specific, demanding: “Give me the money from the bottom!” according to cops.

The employee handed over a white garbage bag and white envelopes containing cash, cops said.

The Post only had this description of the suspect: "25 years old, standing about 5-foot-5 and ... wearing a red jacket."


Anonymous said...

They'd have a better description of the thief if he was a dog or an iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit. That is scary. I hope the police catch this asshole. I also hope the young woman who was held at gun point is okay too. That would traumatize me. That kind of stuff shakes you to your core, especially when its in your backyard.

Anonymous said...

Run by Russians, frequented by Russians, my bet - the thief was Russian.

les native said...

Knifepoint. He had a knife.This is how rumors start.