Tuesday, February 7, 2017

There aren't any more holiday trees to mulch in Tompkins Square Park

The tree pen is empty for now... just 45 days past Dec. 25. Hopefully we have enough mulch in reserve to get us through the summer.

Photo today by Bobby Williams



I saw Kellyanne Conway speaking of the Mulch Massacre on Yahoo! News this morning. At first, I thought she was staring through a charred log but after a closer look it was just her eye makeup.

eden bee said...

Thats not even funny. Do you know how many died during the Great Mulch Massacre of 19 ought 4?
No, really. Do you know?
Because I don't.


@EDEBNNEBBEBE Yes I do! But I'm not telling you until you Google 'NECKLACING' on one of those LinkNYC trojan horse factories!

Jared said...

Are there any piles of mulch? Where,please?

Anonymous said...

Grievey, please call them Christmas trees! I don't think there is such a thing as a "holiday tree." Even Jews who have them call them Christmas trees. And Jews who don't would much prefer that they are called that, to avoid the further Christmas-ization of Chanukah. Thank you so mulch!