Friday, September 15, 2017

Jimmy Webb will make dreams come true with new rock 'n' roll boutique I Need More

[Photo of Jimmy Webb for EVG by Walter Wlodarczyk]

Jimmy Webb, a familiar figure in the East Village during his long tenure as the manager and buyer at Trash & Vaudeville, is opening a rock 'n'roll boutique next month on the Lower East Side at 75A Orchard St. between Broome and Grand. Webb gave me a quick overview about the shop, called I Need More, which opens on Oct. 13.

Why did you decide to return to the retail business?
What else would I do? In my heart I never really left.

I’ve never really looked as myself as a seller of anything or even as someone in the retail business. What I do is I make dreams come true and I love doing it! I simply find what’s inside people, I help bring it out, and then I help them dress it up! I guess that’s the retail business, but the word "business" sounds so disconnected from "dream maker," and I’d rather make "dreams come true!"

Why did you pick the Lower East Side for the shop?
I didn’t pick the Lower East Side, or any special place for I Need More. I was very open to where the rock 'n' roll angels were leading me when I finally decided to open a store. A certain group of friends, I call them angels, guided me to the clarity that I needed to open a brick-and-mortar store. Loving all of New York City I was very open to anywhere in Manhattan. My heart and spirit is in ALL of New York City.

Of course the Lower East Side is a HUGE part of my life since I ran away and arrived in the city in 1975. So I wasn’t the least bit surprised when that second batch of angels ended up leading me right to 75 Orchard Street — 75A in fact! How cool is that? I take that leap of faith and run away to New York City in 1975 as a 16-year-old boy. Decades later another leap of faith leaving everything I know and ending up at 75A Orchard Street.

What can people expect from I Need More?
It’s about the spirit of New York City — past, present and future, And also the spirit of what art, music, and everything else that colors the world! It will be about everything that is real, raw, energetic, welcoming, passionate, dirty, beautiful and most of all — honest!

I’m a firm believer in "we are the future.” That "no future” pessimism doesn’t cut it with me. Like Joey Ramone singing “What a Wonderful World” or Iggy singing every song that Iggy sings. I Need More aims to please with every heartbeat within it. It’s here to make dreams come true.

Thanks to Walter Wlodarczyk for the photo. Find more of his work here.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy's a trip and a real nice guy. Good luck to him. Looking forward to the opening. Hope I can afford to shop there. : D

Pinch said...

I was sitting last week having a pint at the bar at 79 Orchard (Cafe Katja) and saw him walk by several times up and down the block...I was wondering what he was up to...once again EV Grieve answers my query👌

Anonymous said...

Jimmy's the best and the soul of the EV.

Anonymous said...

I don't dress like it but I love rock and roll music and still listen to it everyday. Wouldn't be caught dead listening to the computer algorithm crap that passes for music these days.

Goggla said...

I love Jimmy! He made me feel great when I was feeling down on myself. He really did make my dream - a dream I didn't even know I had - come true. I wrote about it here (way back in 2010):

I look forward to shopping in his store!

Eden Bee said...

This is good news! Jimmy is the best!

Jean West said...

Yay, Jimmy!

Scooby said...

Love this guy! Best of luck - one of a kind human being. His hugs when I needed them saved me numerous times. Much Respect and success, brother. I miss you. When I'm in town I will visit the shop.

Gerald Schwartz said...

the very best to Jimmy...Always! love, g.e. schwartz

Katharine Corp said...

Oh it has been too long...I need to visit soon. So glad to hear of this fresh endeavor. You make the most mundane,own their shine...i need to come see you <3 Congratulations,Xo

R.M. said...

Congrats !
Wife & I will have to stop in next time we're in the city 🌃

Sandra Swieder Photography said...

Did you realize your photo of jimmy has the name of his store tattooed on his back. Very cool image ahead of the dream.