Thursday, September 28, 2017

2-plus-month-old Ciala on 2nd Avenue reopens tomorrow with new menu

[Photo Tuesday by Derek Berg]

Ciala, the restaurant serving Georgian cuisine at 77 Second Ave., opened back in July here between Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

A sign arrived on the front door this week noting that they are closed for renovations, reopening tomorrow (Sept. 29!) with an "all new and exciting menu."

Has anyone tried Ciala? I haven't heard much about it to date.

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Anonymous said...

It's been sad to walk by and see this empty restaurant. With the doors wide open, there was always a view of the long faces of the staff waiting for customers to cross their threshold.

Unfortunately, their menu was mostly heavy meat dishes, unappealing in the heat of summer. I would certainly have considered that menu on a cold winter night, but not in June, July and August ( and this hot September).

I hope their new menu is more appropriate to the season and wish them great success. This stretch of 2nd Ave is becoming desolate with so many empty storefronts.