Tuesday, September 19, 2017

7th Street townhouse once owned by John Leguizamo to be demolished for new development

In September 2016, a permit was filed with the DOB to demolish the 3-level townhouse (circa 1848) at 264. E. Seventh St. between Avenue C and Avenue D.

In late October, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) announced that they would not consider a row pastel-colored residences here for landmarking.

While the fate of No. 264 (above) remains in limbo at the moment, its neighbor two buildings to the east will be demolished to make way for a new development.

As New York Yimby first reported yesterday, the city approved a demo permit last month for the three-level 268 E. Seventh St. ...

[268 E, 7th St.]

The permits (filed on Friday) awaiting approval show that the new 7-floor structure will have 8,043 square feet of residential space divided between two units.

Actor John Leguizamo owned No. 268 starting in 1995. In February 2013, the building hit the market with a $4 million ask. However, as Curbed noted at the time:

It's unclear how recently Leguizamo lived in the place, or whether or not he even still owns it — the deed was transferred to an LLC in 2002, and the listing says that it was "Recently a single family residence; currently used as a 3-family" ...

Leguizamo watchers on the block figure that the actor moved away from here about 2001 or 2002.

According to public records, No. 268 sold for $3.65 million in September 2013 to investment banker Wilco Faessen, who's listed as the developer.

There isn't any word on when the demolition/construction might start at No. 268.

Across the way, work continues at 253 E. Seventh St., where there are approved permits for a 6-story residential building ...

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Come live in John Leguizamo's former home here on 'Artists Row'


Anonymous said...

This used to be such a pretty block! I can't believe how it's being decimated. Those developers really have no souls.

JQ LLC said...

John has turned out to be quite a dick. With his wife trying to gentrify Washington Square Park and his paid t.v. endorsement of the idiotic and dangerous cashless tolls (his quote "Now I can go through without slowing down")which had funding siphoned from crucial subway infrastructure renovations and improvements.

Being that an LLC is involved, as they are with practically every damn lot and building, it wouldn't be a shock if Leguzamo is still profiting in some way. The guy hasn't done anything creative in the past decade and a half anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is so fucking depressing. once again history and part of our cultural past is demolished for once person's profit.

Scuba Diva said...

This is a nightmare; just wake me up when it's over.

Gojira said...

Agreed, Anon. 8:45, this was one of the prettiest blocks in the EV, even in the "bad" old days of the 1970s - 1980s; it just seemed to float above the drugs, abandoned buildings, and general run-downness that plagued the entire city at that point, and whenever I walked down it I always felt like I was somewhere else. Now, just another construction nightmare, destroyed by the drive for money.

Cosmo said...

This spells doom for the other buildings in question on this block. The city sure missed an opportunity here. This was one of (if not the) most beautiful and historic block in the area. There was a ton of cultural history here that could have been capitalized, but choices were made to destroy it instead. In 100 years, will this block be relevant in any way? I guess it will be under water by then.

Anonymous said...

2002 documentary of the block:



2011 fictional film, unrelated (but ironic), starring John Leguizamo:



Anonymous said...

The assholes who will buy these condo's could choose from a million recently built in the city so why here? We are living in the Neo-Moses age of tear down with no regards to the impact on neighborhoods and citizens. At least during Moses' time we got so good parks from him, today bullshit things like the High Line and other tourist traps.

Unknown said...

Wait, his wife tried to gentrify Washington Square Park?

Anonymous said...

I used to live at 272 for years and I remember Leguizamo living there, he moved in the early 2000's. What I recall is him doing an article for a magazine about his building...showing all the renovations, how much money was put into it, etc. Yet he complained about the gentrification of the neighborhood in the article. That part never made any sense to me, because financially, that's exactly what he was doing. So, eventually, all these other buildings began being sold/put up. I'm a fan of his, but it seems like he jump started bigger gentrification while complaining about it as well back then.

Anonymous said...

@Theresa Kimm:


Anonymous said...

That used to be quite a block -- it weathered the drug and abandonment epidemics of the 70s and 80s. It's now being ravaged again. The charm and character is slowly being . . . demolished.

It was sad that the block never attempted to be landmarked as an historic district.

10012 said...

As JQ LLC said, it's common knowledge John Leguizamo lives somewhere off Fifth Ave, maybe 12h Street?
But seriously, who really cares about him? It's not like he's any sort of historic figure. The only surprise is that his wife, Justine, is a trustee of the Greenwich Village Historic Society apparently, didn't lift a finder to preserve this building. I guess this shows what's more important to them.

Happy Birthday, John Leguizamo, Passionate Preservationist"

Anonymous said...

Leguizamo IS a dick. (I was afraid to make that comment for it may be censored but someone else said it, so...)

Saw him having a photo/ad shoot for a car at West 10th st, and I stopped to see what the commotion is about and when he saw me, he stopped the shoot and said to me: "can I help you?" Aghast, I responded "hey you were great in Con Air" He then stepped out the vehicle he's promoting and started to charge towards me but his entourage stopped him. And I was about to say: "how's the wife? Is she still trying to fancify and sterilized Washington Sq. Park?" But I held back and just walked away.

I mean seriously, the shoot was on a public street and others were watching as well and for some reason my presence bothered him? So, no surprises about his former building being demolished for moolah. He's a sellout to feed his huge ego.

Anonymous said...

I live on 7th between C and D. I am two buildings down from this bullshit. Luckily, to my landlord ins't selling the building. I've lived on this beautiful street for several years. It is my absolute favorite. I will say as someone who has witnessed the decimation and evolvement around me, I am profoundly sad, in part to the apathy from heartless developers, but also from the gentrification. When will enough be enough? The amount of greed in this city is staggering. Don't others realize neighborhoods such as this along with others are beloved? These very buildings bring character and history to our community.

I love the pastel colored brownstones. They make me happy to live in such a unique place. And these bastards want to demolish them? F them.

JQ LLC said...


Imagine if you told the little hack about his role as a obese, flatulent demon in "Spawn". Kudos anyway for bringing up Con-air, a 2 and 1/2 hour of cinema diarrhea.

I wonder what other actors or actresses are involved in real estate. There must be a reason they're all moving to NYC and brooklyn from Hollywood besides the sweet film tax breaks.

Eden Bee said...

I am actually in a tiny 30 second scene with John L in the film Fugly!
He was nice on set and patient with my nerves...I had no lines and had to mime everything...very low budget movie. Ironically the subject of gentrification came up when I told him where I live. He said he would visit his brother and hang out at Banjo Jim's and now its all gone.
He is a HUGE Crumb fan and was following me around the set saying he wanted to see us play with him...but he kept calling him Art Crumb and it was annoying and i was so tired i was hiding from the guy.
Pretty bad movie too!

Anonymous said...

@JQ LLC A little known fact -- Leguizamo wasn't on Con Air. The "Sally-Can't Dance" role was a caricature of his role in To Wong Foo, since he was the original pick for that role, which he turned down because he felt he was being type cast. So Con Air slyly denigrated him.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't in Con Air. Nice try 2:55, though. Your anecdote isn't very credible.

He was in Executive Decision though

Anonymous said...

@ 10:19 pm, exactly, that's why I said he was geeat in Con Air, as an insult. See also 9:36 pm comment. Thanks Justine for stopping by. Keep "preserving" the public parks.

Anonymous said...

There was an MTV cribs about this place featuring John Leguiszamo. I bet its floating around on you tube somewhere.

afbp said...

i'd want to be a hating/envious/miserable curmudgeon ( with the awful cards that were dealt--probably my parents fault)
there is so much on this site
at one juncture i was just hating everything (much easier)
this one is tricky...
a. j.leguizamo
b. his wife
c.the buyer of the property
d.the developer
e.lfe itself
so little time........

JQ LLC said...

Apologies for my mistake, I thought he was in that movie I thought he was in it, I totally forgot.

Still a phony though. Thanks to 9:36 explaining the source for his alleged outburst.

Check out John's ad for the state about cashless tolls. If anyone seen how fast drivers go through them, he or she would be appalled and frightened.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful block containing many 19th century and early 20th century buildings. One thing unmentioned is the number of buildings that recently replaced worn out stoops and placed new doorways replacing those metal with chicken wire windows cleaning up facades. Given the building size limitations I do not see much else at risk to demolition and replacement on this block perhaps the Spanish Church on the North side of the Street it has the sizeable driveway area as well back area. It also has that extremely ugly 1970's facade that is so unnatural to the building looking glued on. The gentrification of the west side of Ave D will only accelerate the side street between C and D development. Pity the one demolition I would rout for would be those three story cider block section 8 buildings of the eighties but that will not happen.