Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here's 'Gotti'

Back in February, crews were out on 10th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue filming scenes for "Gotti," the biopic starring John Travolta, seen above, in the title role...

Anyway, I mention this again because Lionsgate released the first trailer for the film today... (you can see 10th Street for about a second).

"Gotti," directed by "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly, is out in December.

Photos in February by Daniel

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Mob scene on 10th Street as 'Gotti' crew and John Travolta hold forth

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Anonymous said...

This is either be good or suck, I see no in-between.

My problem with Travolta is his voice and he hasn't done a truly serious film since A Civil Action 19 years ago, and even that movie was very offbeat, tongue in cheek, darkly comedic, almost satire/cartoon about negligence lawyers using a real-life case.

When you go so long between movies of substance I find it difficult to take you seriously. Look at that new Tom Cruise movie "American Made." It's supposed to be "serious" but it comes off like a comedic version of Blow which was a brutal tale of two drug dealers (young, freshfaced, have everything George Jung and old, worn out, have nothing, going to prison and won't come out 'til he's old and gray Jung.)

Btw am I weird to think Rachel Griffiths was a babe in that as Depp's mom?