Saturday, September 23, 2017

2nd Street firehouse collecting donations of hurricane-relief supplies for Puerto Rico

Mayor de Blasio announced yesterday that more than a dozen firehouses across the city will be collecting supplies to send to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

In the East Village, Engine 28/Ladder 11 at 222 E. Second St. between Avenue B and Avenue C will be accepting donations daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Below is a list of items NYC is collecting:

• Diapers
• Baby food
• Batteries
• First Aid Supplies
• Feminine Hygiene Products

From the media advisory: "Please note the City is only collecting the items listed above. All donated items must be non-perishable, not second-hand, nor contain any liquids of any kind. Open or unsealed donations of food or hygiene supplies will not be accepted. Wet wipes will also not be accepted. Any other items will be kindly returned."


Luis Lopez said...

Kudos to FDNY!

Anonymous said...

This is half ass, De Blasio. what we need to do is open our doors to these deluged folks, since they'll be without electricity for five to six months -- imagine, poor sanitary conditions, no AC, polluted water, and no refrigeration.

Much like the refugee programs set up for the Syrians, we can do the same for our beleaguered Puerto Rican cousins.

I'm quite puzzled why we are not doing more. What will diapers do if the entire system is broken? And, after, where do you dispose them?

Anonymous said...

How are the residents supposed to get here 2:21?

There are extremely limited commercial flights now.

This is from CNN ---

"Due to connectivity challenges, including air traffic control constraints and lack of power at the airport, operations are limited for all airlines," said American Airlines (AAL) in a statement.

Giovanni said...

Puerto Rico is Trump's Katrina. He spent the whole weekend lashing out at NFL players and starting culture wars with lack athletes to dovde the country while Puerto Rico is still suffering with no electricity, almost no running water, little cell phone service, and a record high temperature of 94 degrees. Old San Juan is devastated, as is most of the island, Culebra and Vieques, and the Virgin Islands are in even worse shape, especially St John and St Thomas. We all need to donate and do what we can. @PatriciaMazzei of the Miami Herald posted this thread on twitter:

Left San Juan this afternoon with a heavy heart as Puerto Rico continues to grapple with disaster that was Hurricane Maria. 1/x

SJU airport is a mess. Terminal is powerless: dark, hot and absolutely packed with stranded travelers and would-be travelers.

One family told me they arrived Saturday night for 7am Sunday flight that got canceled. Got moved to a 9am. I was speaking to them at...9am.

Must-have accessory: handheld fan. The kind your abuela used to have. At least it keeps mosquitoes away.

Airport employees working with battery-operated lanterns like for camping. Boarding passes are filled out by hand if you're lucky to get one

Many (most?) people aren't getting them. No computer system makes it difficult for airlines to vet passengers and confirm their tickets

Our flight was delayed 3+ hours. Traffic control system took a hit across Caribbean. Flights need to be spaced out for safety, per pilot.

Lots of aid/military flights in air, he said. Said he wished so many seats hadn't gone unfilled because of the passenger-vetting challenges.

No water in lavatory sinks. Long live baby wipes. Airport bathrooms were also, well, overwhelmed.

Pilot got applause not only when we landed but also when he merely informed cabin on their efforts.

Woman behind me grabbed cellphone after landing, called family, started weeping. Hadn't been able to communicate since storm.