Monday, September 25, 2017

Mark Burger won't be back around here

As we first reported on Wednesday, Mark Burger closed at 33 St. Mark's Place.

The sign on the front door here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue reads: "Gone for now but not for good. Thanks to the ones who still believe in Mark. Our sliders don't have an expiration date."

Bedford + Bowery later caught up with their GM, Brian Pollock, who said the "rent is too high, it’s too hard to keep up."


He added that the neighborhood has changed considerably since the restaurant opened its doors eight years ago. "It’s a place where people used to go for dive bars, to get a hot dog at Papaya King," he said. "Now people go for cocktails and noodles. It’s not necessarily good or bad but, unfortunately, it’s not as suited for us."

He said that they may reopen in some form, but not in this neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Dive Bars = a local drinking and gathering spot where drinks were well priced, there is sometimes a pool table, there were seldom complaints by neighbors since all the fun happened indoors.