Friday, September 29, 2017

Christo and Dora look to be building another nest; boredom a possibility too

In the past week or so, Hawk Watchers in Tompkins Square Park have spotted resident red-tailed hawks Christo and Dora start work on a new love nest in the ginkgo tree that they used in 2016.

As you can see in these photos by Steven, Christo has some nest supplies in his right talon...

Kinda difficult to see, so...

Anyway, this seems a little early for the hawks to be in nest-making mode. (And how many more kids are they going to have????)

Goggla has more here:

[F]or the last two years, they have begun the task in October, so maybe they like to get ahead. Christo and Dora are a well-bonded pair, and projects like this serve to reinforce their partnership.

Sounds good!

Or, maybe they're just bored!

In any event, the ginkgo tree is considered a good spot for a nest. Back to Goggla:

The tree itself is strong and can be easily defended from squirrels. The cross at St Brigid's church is a perfect perch for the hawks, giving them a good view of the nest and surrounding area. We won't know what their real plans are until January or February, but based on their past behavior, these hawks look pretty serious about this location.

To date, there aren't any work permits on file with the city for this ginkgo tree. Expect to see a Stop Work Order soon enough.

Head over to Goggla's site here for more thoughts and lots of great photos.


Anonymous said...

I will represent Christo and Dora, and siblings, pro bono, should they need such representation.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Christo and Dora are so industrious, they could have repaired that sinkhole at the 8th Street entrance to the park in a matter of hours. :)