Friday, September 22, 2017

EVG Etc.: Guide to the L train shutdown; premiere of 'Hunting Pignut' at MoRUS

[Photo on St. Mark's Place by Derek Berg]

Department of City Planning debuts community portal, which brings together basic demographic information about each community board (The Lo-Down)

L train shutdown: everything you need to know (Curbed)

More on the lawsuit over bottomless brunch, with a report that concludes with the trolling quote: "I mean it’s the East Village, it’s the most upcoming neighborhood in Manhattan. If you’re not happy with the alcohol usage in this neighborhood – maybe its time to move out." (PIX ... previously)

Prune, still got it (The New York Times)

The Astor Alive! outdoor performing arts festival returns to Astor Place tomorrow for a day of dance, music, poetry, cabaret, etc. (Facebook Events page)

More on Richard Boch's Mudd Club book (Dangerous Minds)

Van Leeuwen opening an outpost in the former Ludlow Guitars space (BoweryBoogie)

East Village podcaster looking for new home for his studio (Daily News)

Mayor says 50 electric car charging hubs coming to NYC by 2020 (DNAinfo)

Local brands will disappear from Whole Foods (Money)

Tomorrow (Saturday!) night, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) at 155 Avenue C is showing "Hunting Pignut," a coming-of-age film set in the Newfoundland punk scene that's now in limited release in Canada. It is based on the life of writer/director/editor Martine Blue, who lived in C-Squat on Avenue C for seven years. The film is inspired by her friends and her time here.

Her first film, "El Evictor," will precede "Pignut," a B-horror short filmed at C-Squat. Slum Goddess has a part in it. Find more details on the screenings here.

The screening starts at 8 p.m., and is followed by a Q-and-A with Blue.

And tonight, there's a party at Scumbags & Superstars, which sells "clothing and accessories for weirdos" down at 100 Clinton St. between Rivington and Delancey... a good chance to check out the store...


Anonymous said...

I wish the City Planning website listed the % of retail spaces that have liquor licenses compared to supermarkets, fish stores, shoes stores etc.

Giovanni said...

Once again, Amazon is screwing over, small local businesses in order to crush the competition. Many of those small businesses that got their start in Whole Foods will soon see their own demise. By eliminating local businneeeses from Whole Foods, Amazon will blow nother hole in the economy, the loss of even more jobs, all so that bozo Jeff Bezos will become the first trillionaire on the planet. But hey, at least your avocados are a little cheaper, so it's worth it, right?