Tuesday, September 26, 2017

[Updated] Hurricane Maria relief efforts continue at 2nd Street firehouse

Back on Friday, city officials announced that more than a dozen firehouses across NYC will collect supplies to send to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

In the East Village, Engine 28/Ladder 11 at 222 E. Second St. between Avenue B and Avenue C is still accepting donations daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

According to published reports, many residents have been dropping off the requested supplies...

[Via @fdny]

As a reminder, here's a list of items NYC is collecting:

• Diapers
• Baby food
• Batteries
• First Aid Supplies
• Feminine Hygiene Products

There are other ways to support the humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico and surrounding islands, such as through this relief fund established by the Hispanic Federation and a coalition of local elected officials.

Updated 7:30 p.m.

The FDNY is also collecting donated goods tonight until 11 on Second Street at First Avenue outside Spiegel...

Thanks to EVG reader Tracy F. for the above photo!


Anonymous said...

the 14th Street Y is also collecting the same items

Giovanni said...

No one should be using disposable batteries to power radio, flashlights or lanterns anymore. You can get solar powered lanterns which will also charge your cell phone at any chain store, and they cost less than a pack of diapers. Since parts of Puerto Rico will be without power for months, and PR has no lack of sunshine, maybe they should ask people and companies to donate solar powered items that are cheaper than all these batteries.

Anonymous said...

I have a hand-crank radio/flashlight that I bought after the Sandy blackout. It came from the sustainable store that used to be on Ave A, so I'm not sure where to get them now. It seems to me this would be a useful item for people who are going to be without power for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

They asked for batteries, so I am donating batteries.

They need them for the devices they already have like flashlights and radios.

But it's great to donate solar-powered items, too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks to Spiegel staff and their customers for keeping the neighborhood awake all night revving their motorcycles during this phony excuse to run another illegal street event. How much is Spiegel going to donate from the bar and restaurant profits they made from Tuesday night event? Maybe a couple of cans of Krasdale green beans? Spiegel has more compassion for the people in Puerto Rico than it does for the people of 2nd St. where it makes its living. And thanks, 9th Pct., for again ignoring noise violations.

Giovanni said...

I just saw a news report on CNN. Most of these small towns outside of San Juan will not have power for months if not years. Batteries just won't cut it. The roads are all out and they don't have diesel for their generators. Now gangs are roaming the streets at night robbing people. This is Trumps Katrina. He should be sending the military in with emergency kits and supplies. Luckily they still have fresh spring water from the mountains in some areas but millions of people will be at risk of dying soon without a major response.

Anonymous said...

What's a good solar-powered flashlight I can slip in my pocket and a good solar-powered lantern as big as a jar of Jif peanut butter? I want to buy both, preferably in black and made of metal not plastic (or at least part metal part plastic.)