Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where you can still get a beer, some bikini action and maybe a colonic in this town

Damn...I missed this. Just read over at Esquared's that Deno's Bikini Bar on Seventh Avenue (at 10th Street) has closed.

Need to get back to their main spot on Eighth Avenue (at 30th Street)... a fine place...Maybe throw back a few beers and zip upstairs for a colonic. (Uh, clarification — there's a Colon Hydrotherapy spa on the second floor of this building...per the sign above "bikini bar"...)


Ken Mac said...

I'm with ya buddy! Nothing like a saline drip to set the world right..

NYC taxi photo said...

mmm, I've been to a restaurant called home on 8th, very close by, we joked that we'd all come back to deno's, but we never had the guts to have such an experience. and so for several years it was always that place that might be cool, or might be super sleazy, but we'd never find out.

i got to look up what a colonic is

EV Grieve said...

Deno's is a strange place... Cool and sleazy? Mostly sleazy. The perfect bar for the neighborhood.... a melting pot of commuters and assorted "Eastern Promises" types.