Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life at Dwell 95: Chace Crawford is a great neighbor, but those toilets!

Back in September 2008, I was walking by Wall and Water Streets ... and walked right into the opening night party for the Philippe Starck-designed luxury rental conversion at 95 Wall St. Festive despite a 500-point drop on the NYSE that day — the beginning of the meltdown! A tux-clad musician with an electronic fiddle was on the red carpet delighting all who walked by, mostly confused tourists at the onset.

You can read the whole post here.

The other day, a Dwell resident left a comment on the post.... which seemed too good not to share... So, excuse me while we venture away from the East Village for a moment...

Here's the comment:

i've been living here for a yr. def not gonna renew my lease. ok here we go: 1. every floor smells like pot. not exaggerating!!! 2. [the manager] is unprofessional and needs a better attitude. every complaint goes in one ear and out the other. she ignores everyone! 3. electricity — they say they save u money on electricity bec they buy it buy the bulk. but they overcharge by almost double!! and they put it under building services not electricity. my electric bill came out double what i have paid in any previous luxury building. 4. windows — all the apt windows are not fully sealed so tons of cold air comes in the winter and visa versa in the summer. management answers put the heater or ac on!. yea as if they are paying my bill. 5. complaints concerning the apt take forever to take care of. 6. breakfast always runs out — obviously bec most of the apt have like 5 people in a 2 bedroom just to save money. 7. their was no ac in the gym the entire summer. 8. the workout classes they give in the morning SUCK. the little red head has no experience at all and is very annoying. most of her classes have 1 or 2 people. usually she ends up stretching on her own or doesnt show. 9. the washer and dryer in the apt are really small, just enough for underwear and 3 small towels. 10. the toilets flush really bad bec there's not enough water pressure...there will always be leftovers (beware). 11. hot water takes about 4 min in the morning for the showers. about the same for the sink in the kitchen. 12. the stove is big enough to cook a baby chicken, not much more. i bought a grill to compensate. 13. the stove top clicks when there is too much humidity in the room. 14. the light in the fridge turn on on holidays only. just joking but they rarely work. ... and yes Chace is a really great neighbor, he complains too, but nothing helps lol .


Anonymous said...

Look, I'd probably be doing bong hits all day if I lived in Dwell too, but these are totally rich people's "problems." Wah, the workout classes suck! My private W/D is too small! My water pressure is inadequate! "Breakfast runs out"! WTF does that one even mean? Who expects his landlord to feed him?! And can't this guy replace the fridge lightbulb himself? It's not brain surgery. Google it!

Yes, Dwell-ers should get what they pay for, but I think I speak for the majority of tenement residents when I break out the world's tiniest violin. It's not as if you're rent-stabilized (to justify living with such annoyances). If it's so terrible, why don't you just move?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

To be fair, breakfast runs out every morning in my building, too - on four little feet.

EV Grieve said...

@Goggla. Ha! A+!

OWR said...

Whiny, spoiled bitch...Good riddance. mom and dad will get you something better

Anonymous said...

Look this is a luxury building and it is owned by the largest wealthy arabian real estate trust in the country, the Moinians Realty Trust.

Many of the units are great units, however, it is worth noting that they arent luxury units.

The lounge has no jacuzzi, nor spa nor massage rooms.

The breakfast is at times shotty mostly because they haven't planned it well. For starters, the guy never fills up the croissants fast enough and the building is way to CHEAP to buy more bowls! Seriuosly, they ahve 3 bowls in circulation and if you're one of the lucky ppl to get a bowl for cereal, then you're just plain lucky.

The toaster is always broken, too. The coffee sucks. It's bad breakfast, like at a motel in the mid west or something.

But it's free - what do you expect? This is not the finest breakfast ever.

The service ppl are usually VERY good, but teh apts are done very cheaply - cheap stove without a rael oven, immitation sub zero fridges, toilets that suck.

Whatever it is not the Plaza Hotel apartments peoples!!!!