Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tompkins Square Park dog run loses a tree — unnecessarily so?

Following the storms that passed through last Thursday evening... EV Grieve reader Allen Semanco emailed us this photo showing a downed limb at the Tompkins Square Park dog run...

Now, EV Grieve reader Wayne Embacher gives us this shot from today. Workers have removed the entire tree.

Perhaps there was more to the problem than a broken limb. Still. As Wayne notes, "One branch falls and the rest of the very healthy, mature, and GREEN tree goes. Unnecessary." Agreed.


Dave on 7th said...

I actually doubt they would remove a healthy
tree for no reason. Last year they took down
what appeared to be a healthy elm, but I
later learned had Dutch Elm Disease & therefore
had to be sacrificed to keep the problem
from spreading. This may be the case here
as well.

Anonymous said...

It seems strange to label something "unnecessary" without having ANY true knowledge of the details of the situation...and if the details ARE known, that would seem to be important in describing the reason for deeming something unecessary.

glamma said...

too bad these people weren't around

(from neither more nor less.)

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Maybe the tree was diseased and that led to the weakness of the limb. Too bad, though - losing a big tree like that is always sad.