Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 123 Third Ave. sales office may be closed, but the penthouse sales live on

The 123 gang moved out of their 10th Street office last month.

Dunno if the $3.6 million is noticeable enough. May I suggest putting it in neon?

Perhaps the new 123 marketing materials should now also mention the proximity to IHOP.


Anonymous said...

I had a chance to see one of the penthouses a month or so back when they had a random "open house" on a Sunday. They are smoking crack if they think they can get $3.6M for the space I saw - it's a two storey space with an OK sized terrace overlooking noisy 14th st. and with no view (faces north). The living room is quite small, staircase cramped, upstairs 2 minimally sized bedrooms with little storage. They claim it's 2000 sq feet with a 350 sg ft terrace, but it certainly didn't feel that big.
Finishes were nice, but not outstanding - even for new construction, I'd say it was worth $1.5-2M and I really don't see people with that to spend choosing to be right on the intersection.
But I'm sure I'll be proved wrong....

Lux Living said...

And to think someone actually sat down and designed this banal piece of crap? Do they even try anymore?