Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lights unwrapped in Tompkins Square Park

Yesterday, we mentioned that a handful of lights were still covered in Tompkins Square Park from the summer film series that ended on Sept. 8... However, some time late yesterday, someone uncovered the lights...

Melanie at East Village Corner said that a WPIX crew was in the Park yesterday doing a story on this... dunno if the story ever ran. Didn't see it on the WPIX website.

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Melanie said...

Hi Grieve--yes the story ran at 10PM--I was the lead--they used a soundbite--"we are waiting for them to take the covers down". The cameraman was teriffic and had some coverage of the rats--there is one brown cutie who pops up all the time--of course there was a young 30 something year old woman who was sipping an iced tea and said "I never walk in the park alone and only with my husband--there are all those crustys"--another young fellow was on too--a student I believe. At the end of the piece--the camera caught the Hawk sitting proudly atop one of the covered lamp posts. Ah The East Village.