Friday, May 4, 2018

EVG Etc.: Dedicated bike lanes for Delancey Street; films about or involving Basquiat

[Photo on 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg]

Report from NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer says that Airbnb has cost renters in New York City $616 million (The Real Deal)

Dedicated bus and bike lanes coming to Delancey (The Lo-Down)

Check out the schedule for Lower East Side History Month (Official site)

This series brings together a selection of films about or involving Basquiat (Anthology Film Archives) Also: Basquiat’s New York (Vulture) Also: Art collector sues Sotheby’s to stop sale of $30 million Basquiat painting (Daily News)

La MaMa to receive Tony Award for regional theater (Variety)

Should we be worried about the new ownership for Eisenberg's? (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Bruno Pizza on 13th Street serving pizza ice cream (New York Post)

Info on expanded ferry service along the East River (Town & Village)

Remembering the Ritz (pre-Webster Hall) on 11th Street (Off the Grid)

Back issues of Tribe magazine now available (A Gathering of Tribes)

Producer claims he was swindled out of millions by Jeff Koons and Larry Gagosian (New York Post)

Q&A with Danny Fields on "My Ramones" (Mother Jones)

Photo essay: Exploring the last dry docks in Brooklyn (Curbed)

The 10th annual Lower East Side Health and Wellness Fair & Walk-A-Thon is tomorrow... more details here.

...and returning yesterday for the fifth season...


Anonymous said...

I've seen him as he puts up his posters. He always tries to hide his face. I say he is up to SOMETHING.

JG said...

I've seen him put up the flyer then pull off one of the tabs to make it appear as if there was interest

Anonymous said...

Should this guy be on some kind of 'no fly' list?

I'm asking for a friend. Thanks.

Giovanni said...

What happened to the last 10 girlfriends? Commitment issues? Hygiene problems? Witness protection program? Enquiring minds want to know.

Skorzeny Schmiss said...

What do you think that kid thinks of it?

JQ LLC said...

Involuntary celibate recruitment poster

afbp said...

it was funny---now it's sad and kinda creepy......

Anonymous said...

I saw him yesterday, putting up flyer right outside tompkins square park, with another guy filiming him - which made me think this whole thing might turn up as documentary or reality show?