Monday, May 14, 2018

Santatorum has not been open lately on Avenue C

Several residents who live near Santatorum, the hospital-themed cocktail lounge on Avenue C at Second Street, report that the bar has been dark of late. (One reader put the closure timeline at several weeks.)

The website is still active, though the bar's phone is not in service. The doors were also locked during their posted business hours this past weekend.

This creation of mixologist Albert Trummer opened in April 2016. The hospital theme drew media attention with the cocktails prepared on operating-room trays, while shots were served in syringes. (When the bar first opened, entrance was said to be by appointment only.)

We reached out to Trummer via the email address posted on the Santatorum website. Will update when/if we hear back. Trummer most recently brought his theatrical cocktails to the revamped Bar Freud on La Guardia Place.


Anonymous said...

It has not been open for at least three weeks.

Anonymous said...

TBH it didn't look open from the outside even when it was open

Anonymous said...

The deli it replaced was really good... can we get that deli back?

JQ LLC said...

I recall an early episode of 30 rock where Liz went to a niteclub that used to be an insane asylum and the proprietors used that as a theme.

These "entreprenuers" that have raided these small business spaces are friggin imbeciles.