Monday, October 22, 2018

Gym moves: IG-Fit replaces Synergy on 14th Street

The Synergy Fitness Club at 244 E. 14th St. near Second Avenue has closed (members — was there any warning?) ... and signage is now up for its replacement — IG-Fit.

IG-Fit looks to be offering an array of services, including infrared sauna and cryotherapy. Although they bill themselves as NYC's No. 1 health club, we can't find any web or social-media presence (not even Instagram!) for them. So no word on rates, etc.

Hopefully it will be an upgrade from Synergy. Through the years, several EVG readers noted sketchy practices and unreliable hours of operation at this Synergy branch.

And as seen outside the gym a few years back...


KeyFood4Eva said...

Synergy and its staff sucked. Years ago, I got into a screaming match with the front desk guy because he wanted to close the gym a half hour earlier than the official times. I quit that gym a week later and haven't looked back.

Oh and also witnessed a personal trainer beating up a customer in the locker room and the staff asked me not to report it...sounds ethical to me.

Ban Done said...

They seem well intended and appear to actually be investing in the new venture. Believe it’s around $85/month for NEW members. They otherwise have tried to resign old Synergy members.

Honestly, anything would be a step up from syngery. What a dumb!

Ban Done said...

Synergy was a dumb. Anything would be better.

Greg said...

I was a Synergy member. Def a dump. But it's around the corner from me so I stayed. The new owners are sprucing it up a lot. It's starting to look a lot better.
I've asked about a few things that they keep saying are coming and haven't. Like seriously bad customer service on that front. They opened up a space next door that they are renting and that is starting to look good.
If they can get there shit together, it might be an excellent addition. It's already a step up from Synergy. They kept some of the staff, but seem to be hiring a bunch of new trainers who honetlhy don't look like they know much, though two of the guys look the part and then some.