Tuesday, October 30, 2018

These two buildings are now wrapped and apparently prepped for demolition

Workers spent part of last week putting up sidewalk bridges and scaffolding at the adjacent properties — 24 First Ave. and 99-101 E. Second St. ...

Per our previous posts, demolition permits are on file to bring down both buildings. Developer Sergey Rybak was the high bidder ($12 million and change) during an auction earlier this year ... he has submitted plans for a 7-story, 22-unit residential building on the property of the current 24 First Ave. and 99-101 E. Second St.

The Rybak website list that the residences are condos (building name for now — 101E2). The ground-floor space is designated for retail use.

And the open-air dumpster marked "asbestos" that alarmed a few nearby neighbors was removed as of Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Why do we continue to allow this destruction. Why does Paris know how to maintain the look and feel of their culture. Ugh.

Scuba Diva said...

Don't worry; we'll be extinct in nine years anyway.