Monday, October 29, 2018

Sammy's Halal is now open

Last we checked, things weren't looking promising for Sammy's Halal at 109 First Ave. ... we hadn't detected too much going on inside the space between Sixth Street and Seventh Street ... however, after a flurry of recent activity, Sammy's debuted this past Friday.

Sammy's offers a variety of lamb, beef and chicken shawarma platters (all are under $10) ... other menu items include the lamb gyro ($4.99) and appetizer order of hummus ($4.99). They are open 24/7, and have several egg dishes (the "New York Style" egg and cheese is $2.99).

The Sammy's menu notes a 10-percent discount for police officers, students, hospital employees and cab drivers. (The menu notes with ID, so in case you were going as a cop or doctor for Halloween ...)

This makes the third Sammy's location, joining the one on Sixth Avenue and Fourth Street and the one in Jackson Heights.

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JQ LLC said...

The gyro is actually a buck less than you get from all the trucks on the street. 2.99 is a little over what you get from the donut trucks for an egg and cheese. Kudos.