Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ICYMI: Westville Bakery is open

[Photo yesterday by Vinny & O]

In case you missed this post from Sunday morning... Westville Bakery had its soft opening that day at 433 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Avenue A.

This is the first dedicated bakery from Westville, the mini-chain of vegetable-friendly restaurants, whose outposts include one on Avenue A at 11th Street.

The bakery, serving a variety of cakes, pies, cookies and seasonal desserts as well as other cafe fare (quiche, for instance), is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

[Image via @WestvilleBakery]

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Anonymous said...

Sure would be nice if at least one of the "bakeries" in our neighborhood deigned to make, in addition to all the sugar-choked desserts, some actual stuff that nourishes people like...Bread!?

Anonymous said...

Not sure why I feel self-conscious to say, Westville E. is a neighborhood staple for longer than most jerkoffs have lived here, but fuck it--love me some Westville.

Anonymous said...

How about some real food for real people for a change. No more gimmicks. This area has turned into a young republicans cesspool.
How about a vegan restaurant or a real bookstore - not silly curated crap.