Thursday, October 8, 2020

East Village Community Fridge providing free food outside S'MAC on 1st Avenue; donations welcome

Updated 10/12: Someone vandalized the fridge, and it is now out of commission.

The East Village Community Fridge debuted yesterday outside S'MAC on the northwest corner of First Avenue and 12th Street. 

Here's how it works via East Village Neighbors: "Free food for anyone in need. Neighbors put food in; neighbors in need take food out." (The donated food needs to be unopened. Fruits and vegetables are welcome too.)

This is a project between S'MAC owners Sarita and Caesar Ekya along with East Village Neighbors, a local volunteer group, and Change Food, a social marketing nonprofit. 

The Community Fridge will be available outside S'MAC 24/7.

Image via Instagram


Anonymous said...

This is a nice idea, and a great opportunity for people to contribute easily.

Anonymous said...

This is great and 24/7 access is amazing. There's another community fridge at the 6th St Community Center, but it's only available during biz hours.

Gojira said...

Nice! I'll drop stuff off this weekend.

Emily said...

So happy to see this. They're also hoping to add a pantry soon, which is great. I definitely overbought things in prep back in February.

Anonymous said...

There's also one down by Abrons, on Grand Street at Pitt.

Choresh Wald said...

Thank you for doing that. A great initiative that is so easy to support.

Unknown said...

❤❤❤❤❤ The solidarity in the EV is so strong, so beautiful.
Things like that always bring tears in my eyes.