Sunday, November 14, 2021

A tradition like no other returns this holiday season on 9th Street

OK, maybe that headline is overselling it a bit. 

The Christmas holiday lights went up today on Ninth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue, as Steven points out... 
As we've said, it's always festive on this block during the holidays. This year shall be no different.

And new stores joining your familiar faves on the block in 2021 include A Sustainable Village... Art+Ray ... Pillow-Cat Books... Spooksvilla ...  and a new home for Duo NYC.

And for those keeping tabs of such things, the lights are not early — they arrived on Nov. 1 last year.


A few evening-time photos here by Steven...


VH McKenzie said...

Going to try and do all my holiday gift shopping in our neighborhood this year!!

MLM said...

I worked at Dinosaur Hill for years, and I always loved those holiday lights