Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Your chance to check out Jimmy Webb's collection of iconic music photography

Here's a chance to check out the personal photo collection of Jimmy Webb, who kept the punk-rock spirit alive in the East Village and on the Lower East Side.

Webb, a familiar figure in the neighborhood during his long tenure as the manager and buyer at Trash & Vaudeville and later as the owner of the boutique I Need Moredied of cancer on April 14, 2020. He was 62. 

Starting tomorrow, the Morrison Hotel Gallery unveils a week-long exhibit of Jimmy's rock photos in an estate sale to benefit Road Recovery, a nonprofit helping young people battle addiction and other adversities.

Here's more via the Morrison Hotel Gallery:
A punk icon on par with those he called collaborators and companions, the late-great Jimmy Webb is a New York City institution whose personal collection of music photography rivals our own. 
As such, it is only fitting that we continue to honor the legacy of this rock & roll guardian angel with a special estate sale of these works in collaboration with Road Recovery...

Outfitted in personal affects of rosary beads and feather boas, this historic collection which first made its MHG debut last December sees a long-awaited, in-person unveiling...
The exhibition is open for viewing from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with hours on Sunday starting at noon. The Morrison Hotel Gallery is at 116 Prince St. between Greene and Wooster. 


XTC said...

Nice collection but 'historic" is pushing it a bit. I knew JD was in love with Iggy's rockstariness and that's cool but these photos have been in public view for ages. However that pic of Bianca Jagger riding into Studio 54 in 1977 is a standout. And holy shit the the pic of Lou Reed and his trans girlfriend Rachel from 1974 I mean fuck there aren't many of those!

Anonymous said...

I will go see this because I loved Jimmy Webb, but what really needs to happen is an exhibition of the man's personal wardrobe. I am sure he took fantastic photos over the years, but when it comes to fashion, Jimmy Webb was an icon. I pray that someone in his life was able to preserve his clothing collection.