Friday, November 19, 2021

'Tomorrow' never dies


In case you were looking for some new dream pop ... the Swedish quintet Makthaverskan just released a new record titled För Allting via Run For Cover

The audio track above is for "Tomorrow." 

Hopefully, the band will be back around these parts someday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought EVG was supposed to be a local content blog, not just another media outlet for every publicist trying to promote their music client or other business venture. Local bands in this blog only, please!

Grieve said...

I've done the Fridays-at-5 music video feature now for about 13 years. Sometimes there's a local connection (Bush Tetras, Vlad Holiday, Pom Pom Squad, etc.) ... many times there is not (Delta 5, My Bloody Valentine, Little Simz, Amyl and the Sniffers, etc.) ...or maybe the not-local band is playing in a local music venue. In any event, not one of the music posts came as a result of a publicist.

And do you really think a publicist for a band in Gothenburg, Sweden, on a small label is pitching neighborhood news sites in NYC?

Anonymous said...

yo grieve you got good solid taste in tunes regardless of origin and it's appreciated keep on keeping on and thanks for the fish!