Friday, September 9, 2022

CB3 wants your input on 2023 budget priorities

 Community Board 3 shared this information...

What parks need reconstruction? What programs need funding? Help us assess the needs of our community. 

Every year the Community Board submits a list of capital and expense budget priorities to city agencies. This hearing is your opportunity to have input into these district budget priorities. Tell us how money should be spent within Community Board 3. 

Organizations, groups and individuals representing all segments of the community are encouraged to participate. 

CB 3 Public Hearing — Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Priorities 
Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 6:30 p.m. 

Click here to register for the Zoom meeting. (You must register to attend this Zoom meeting.)


Anonymous said...

Water testing for the whole area.
Money for SMALL BUSINESSES. Our decimated neighborhood has 3 closing shops for every 1 that opens.

Anonymous said...

Money for small businesses doesn't address the problems. Everyone supports $15 minimum wages, paid time off, etc. These businesses can't stay open here. Shoplifting, fees, fines, permits etc. NYC is the worst place for a small business.

Anonymous said...

Confiscate buildings from slumlords and gift the apartments to the existing tenants

Anonymous said...

How about ideas that are legal and realistic

Anonymous said...

I'll agree on the extraordinary expenses re: fees, permits, and shoplifting. But, although I'd like for the enforcement to be less heavy handed and to consider the offenses that individual businesses can't control, many businesses have a habit of consistently bad neighborliness.
Example: the flower shop operation on E 10th St, south side, just east of 1st Avenue. On a daily basis they commandeer the entire curbside for about 100 feet and some of the blacktop as well. They make it impossible for drivers to exit their vehicles upon parking in those 3 or 4 legal parking spaces- Good Luck, disabled drivers, elderly drivers, drivers with car-seated children to extract, and anybody just not able to climb over the console. And they even have the nerve to place orange cones there to dissuade vehicles from parking there at all. The pedestrian path is seriously narrowed as well. This is but one glaring example of small businesses boldly claiming the walkways for themselves. That is, beyond the restaurants being given way too much leverage with outdoor dining sheds and garbage disposal there - welcome the escalated rat population.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself. I love walking through that little wonderland of plants and smudge sticks. It’s so magical.