Saturday, September 9, 2023

Saturday's opening shot

Today (9/9) at noon, the corner of Ludlow and Stanton will be officially co-named Beastie Boys Square. (Background here about LeRoy McCarthy's efforts to make this happen.)

Ahead of the ceremony, featuring Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Mastrion created a new mural (her first one here dates to 2014).

The mural is based on a photo from the book "Together Forever" by East Village-based photographer Glen. E. Friedman.

And if you want more Beastie Boys in your life today... you can check out a late-night screening of Spike Jonze's 2020 documentary "Beastie Boys Story" at the IFC Center on Sixth Avenue.

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