Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning edition

The Decapitator arrives in NYC. (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

A look at New York state's new license plate: "It looks like we live in Delaware or something." (New York Post)

What 311 tells you to do with your dead pet. (The Awl)

They tore down Howard Johnson's in Times Square for this? (Lost City)

Antique rubber boots discovered in Orchard Street shop. (BoweryBoogie)

Lower Manhattan in 1905 (The Bowery Boys)

Another hidden bar on the LES. (Grub Street)

And NYC's newest "underground playground." (NYPress)

Drag queens and DJs put on the unemployment line at Dtox (

Yesterday, we mentioned Bob Arihood's account of Slum Goddess being taken for a spin by rickshaw Spiderman.

And now! Here's the video that Slum Goddess shot of the event.


ak said...

i was outside taking a breather from an awfulawfulhorribleawful night at work when spidey offered to take me for a quick ride. i have to say......

it was pretty freakin spectacular. way more awesome and six-flags-lite than this video shows. it was the saving moment of my night that got me back to a non-pissed off mood. as absolutely ridiculous as it looks - i have to suggest going for a ride, at least once.

Eden Bee said...

its' true ak-it's really fun, kinda scary and just makes you laugh a lot!