Saturday, November 14, 2009


From Page Six today:

New York's homeless could be kept warm this winter in expensive furs owned by Ruth Madoff -- if PETA has its way. The anti-fur campaigners have written to US Marshal Roland Ubaldo asking for the Madoff skins to be donated to the homeless. More than 100 Madoff items will be sold off today at the Sheraton New York to reimburse the Ponzi scammer's thousands of vic tims. PETA's Dan Mathews said in a letter to Ubaldo, "By donating them to the homeless, you'd be able to highlight the difference between need and greed."

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NYCDreamin said...

I'd be all for this...but I'm afraid that if anyone knew the value of the jackets, the homeless people wearing them might be attacked and robbed.

But it is nice to imagine the Mosaic Man wandering around, warm and snug in one of these...