Thursday, November 12, 2009

Posts that I actually forgot to post: Commercial space available at the Theatre Condos

I've completely forgotten about the Theatre Condominiums. Jeremiah first wrote about this development at Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place in July 2008. Apparently, this is a popular corner! As The Real Deal reported last November, all seven units sold out in Phase I of the development. The condos ranged from $800k to $1.25 million. Or so. As The Real Deal noted: "Most of the buyers were young professionals, college students, or parents buying apartments for their children."

People seem to be living there, too. Or at least the lights are on.

(I secretly walk by and look up in hopes of catching a glimpse of the model from the Theatre Condo Web site...the model who, as Jeremiah wrote, "enjoys her stunning view of BBQ." Nothing better than the fresh aroma of an onion loaf at 11:30 a.m.!)

I bring all this up because... I noticed that commercial space is now available on the second this Phase II?

I went to the W&S Web site, but couldn't find any information on the commercial space.

But I did tool around the Theatre Condo site...where among the amenities, is this hilariously random list of "bars and clubs," including one that has been closed for three years.


Goggla said...

Could someone's mom please buy me a condo? lol

What, Korova Milk Bar is closed? What ever could have replaced it? Haha!

Anonymous said...

Whose car is that in the third pic? I see it around all the time. Just randomly curious.

glamma said...

yes i was wondering the same thing about the car! it is always there and once i saw it plastered in tickets. sweet ride