Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sorry that I missed the most-important news story of the weekend -- or maybe ever

According to the Post: Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth claimed yesterday to have gotten its hands on a leaked script for "Sex and the City 2." Here's what they say happens:

* The situation looks bleak for Bradshaw, whose marriage with Mr. Big unravels after they lose everything in a financial scam.

* Seeking work, Mr. Big ends up in London, where he's living in a rundown apartment, but cheats on Carrie — who dumps him before finding out she's pregnant.

* Miranda quits her law practice after getting sued. She and her husband Steve decide to open a restaurant.

* Besides the characters' heavy financial losses, tough times in the real world will also be reflected in the film's wardrobe choices, which an unnamed production insider says will be "less over-the-top but still stylish."


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Anonymous said...

None of that is correct.