Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here comes the fear again: 505 E. 12th St. back on the market

A reader noted that a For Sale sign went up 505 E. 12th St. (the former Mundial and Totem space) ... which, perhaps, means the new bar on May's CB3/SLA meeting is no longer a go... the "corp to be formed" here was not approved by the CB3/SLA committee...

Now someone else can take a shot here... According to the listing:

Approx. 1400 sq ft plus 500 sq ftS back yard, 30 foot store front, and full basement

Price: $140,000
Rent: $7,500
10-year lease

As a reader/nearby resident has said about this space: "Another bar opening up in the Mundial space is my worst nightmare."

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Lisa said...

Desn't the reader/nearby resident mean to say "a bar WITH A BACKYARD"?!? That just quadruples the nightmare.

Anonymous said...

My dream is that a yarn store will open in the space. Knitters are quiet, aren't they?

Jill said...

Ah, but the yarn store on 14th Street closed after a few lovely years. I think it might now be a cell phone store. And there is that beautiful but pricey yarn store on Ave A near 3rd (or 4th?).

This bar is not new on the market, it's been on the market since Mundial closed, it's just a new sign from what are arguably the most heinous landlords in the East Village. There was a commenter on a previous post here that mentioned they live in the building and know that the landlord has turned away other offers for non-bar tenants.

The last people who attempted to get this space for a bar found out that the backyard is not zoned for outdoor use and getting a license to operate there is not a shoe-in. Plus, there is strong opposition on the block, particularly from residents in the adjacent building who are very motivated to show up and protest and work hard to ensure that the backyard is not licensed. Without the backyard this space is weird - it's 2 tiny stores patched together through an passageway.

So, getting their license will be very challenging considering there are 19 active licenses within 500 feet, and it's on a fairly quiet side street.

EV Grieve said...

Don't fuck with 12th Street.