Monday, August 9, 2010

Things that don't look fun

Swimming (standing?) in a dumpster pool on Park Avenue.

Photo taken by Our Lady of Perpetual PMS.


Ken Mac said...

what a cockamamie idea

Our Lady of Perpetual PMS said...

Thanks for using my photo, sorry about the quality. I have to say that it did look fun! I'm actually hoping to swim in the dumpster pools (which by the way are dumpster in design, never in actual use.) Did you see the pic I took facing North? You're basically swimming under the facade of Grand Central - amazing back drop. Yeah, I guess you're not really "swimming" much. The people in this photo were actually playing Marco Polo and everyone watching from above was laughing along with them.
I have to say it was great to bike all the way up to Park Ave., completely traffic-free, on the FREE fancy bikes provided. I haven't replaced my last stolen bike, but it won't be anywhere near the caliber of the one I got to ride.
There were also PLENTY of samples of free food and free ice coffee from Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods. My staving artist, bitter NYC heart was slightly warmed w/all the free entertainment and by watching everyone have such a good time. Then reality sunk in when it all ended @ 1pm, when I went back to being bitter. :)

Ken Mac said...

riding the bike up Park ave is a blast!