Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's next for Avenue B and Second Street?

We've been keeping an eye on the long-dormant corner of Avenue B and Second Street for some time now...

In February, the CB3/SLA denied a request for a 3,000-square-foot bar/restaurant "with an occasional D.J." In January, Rebecca Marx at Fork in the Road reported that Beltrami Foods, an Italian restaurant, will open here, owned and operated, in part, by Cristiano Morroy.

Work continues on this space... and whatever it is... is gonna be huge...

...and the disco ball is still up at the old Butterfuly space at 14 Avenue B!

I asked Morroy if he was still aiming for an eatery/bar here... Via a Facebook message, he wrote, "no, unfortunately... we decided not to open the space on ave B. Someone else is opening."

No word just yet on what the new owners have in mind... but we'll find out...

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3,000-square-foot bar/restaurant "with an occasional D.J." apparently moving forward on Avenue B

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